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3 Reasons to See an Emergency Dentist

3 Reasons to See an Emergency Dentist

Finding yourself in the middle of a dental emergency can be very stressful, which is why having an emergency dentistry clinic you can trust top of mind for prompt care is so important. 


Wondering if you need to seek emergency dental care? Read on to learn about a few of the most common dental emergencies, and what you can do until you're able to receive help.


Lost Adult Tooth


Losing what's supposed to be a permanent tooth - whether it be while playing sports or in a car accident - can be a traumatic experience and one where you should see an emergency dentist right away. In the meantime, however, try to locate the lost tooth and, if possible, gently rinse it off and place it back into the socket. This will improve your chances of the dentist being able to save your tooth.


Severe Tooth Pain


Any time you're suffering from severe tooth pain, it's best to see an emergency dentist sooner rather than later. Severe tooth pain is defined by pain that prevents you from eating, drinking, or even sleeping. It is possible that you may have a tooth abscess or other dental issue that needs to be addressed right away.


Chipped or Broken Tooth


Finally, if you have chipped, cracked, or broken a tooth, you will probably be in severe enough pain to see an emergency dentist. If this is the case, rinse the mouth with warm water and, if there is any bleeding, hold a piece of gauze against the tooth until you are able to be seen by a dentist.


If you're in need of emergency dental care, be sure to contact us right away.

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