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Welcome to Morrin Dental

Leading Dentists in the heart of Newcastle

Morrin Dental offers full service dentistry with exceptional levels of patient care.

At Morrin Dental, we treat every patient with the highest levels of care and respect. From assessment to treatment and ongoing maintenance, we put our patients first by offering advice, support and dental solutions that suit individual circumstances. Through observation, education and preventative regimes, Morrin Dental will help you reach your dental health goals faster.

Oral Health Assessment

Passionate and experienced clinical staff to assess your dental needs.

Dental Treatment

State of the art equipment and advanced dental techniques.

Ongoing Maintenance

Regular oral health management to help you meet your dental health goals.

Visit us First Floor, 196 Hunter St Newcastle NSW 2300

Relax in our comfortable —
modern dental practice

Morrin Dental offers a positive and reassuring dental experience with passionate clinical staff who will put your needs first.

At Morrin Dental, we offer:

Morrin Dental is a modern dental practice located in the heart of Newcastle, providing a full range of services from assessment to treatment to ongoing oral health maintenance.

  • The Latest Equipment - We invest in the latest dental equipment to provide the best treatment and care possible.
  • Priority Patient Safety - We adhere to strict infection control guidelines and use the latest autoclave sterilisers.
  • Accuracy In Diagnosis - We diagnose our patients with advanced digital equipment to ensure greater accuracy and safer patient care.
  • Equal Treatment - We offer disability compliant lifts, disabled bathrooms and easy manoeuvrability within the practice.
  • Gold Standard Service - Our Dental Hygienists deliver the gold standard of oral health maintenance and prevention.
  • Health Fund Claims - We allow for ‘on the spot’ health fund claims via HICAPS and are recognised by all major health funds.
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Our Staff

The staff at Morrin Dental are committed to providing the highest levels of patient care through professional and clinical excellence in a modern, relaxed environment. With years of training and experience, patients can be confident and reassured that they are in the best hands.

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Latest News

How To Brush Your Teeth Effectively

Brushing your teeth, the right way is key to maintaining great dental health, and preventing costly repairs. You’ll find some helpful tips below.


Get the right toothbrush and paste

Your brushing efforts are most effective when done with the correct toothbrush. A good brush has soft bristles and is small enough to comfortably fit in your mouth. Easy access to all areas of the mouth is important.


Replace the brush every three months, after being ill, and when the bristles show wear. Some brushes have tinted bristles that turn white when it's time for replacement.


Use ADA-accepted fluoride toothpaste for maximum benefit (but remember to avoid fluoride for small children who may swallow more than the recommended amount).


Use the right technique

Brushing teeth incorrectly potentially causes damage to the gums, and doesn't properly remove plaque. Pay close attention to the gums as you brush.


Place the brush at a 45-degree angle to the gums and use short back and forth or circular strokes; it will feel like a gum massage at times and that is fine.
Remember the inner, outer, and chewing surfaces of all teeth. Use the brush vertically (in a tilted manner) to reach the backs of the upper front teeth.
The lower front teeth can accumulate more plaque on the inner side than other areas of the mouth, mostly due to the high saliva presence. Using a dry brush to massage the gums on the inside of the lower front teeth can greatly reduce that issues.
Brush twice a day for a minimum of two minutes each time.


Remember the extras

Don't stop at brushing. The tight spaces between the teeth harbour food debris and bacteria; regular flossing combats that issue. Eating a balanced diet, avoiding unnecessary snacking between meals, and seeing your dentist for semi-annual checkups ensure the best possible health for your mouth.


Check out the customised Morrin Dental Active Maintenance program for more advice specific to your dental circumstances.

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What if My Child has a Toothache?

Childrens dentistry includes regular checkups to reduce the reasons your child develops problems with their teeth and gums, but what do you do between visits if your child has a toothache?

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