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Child Dental Benefits Schedule

Morrin Dental has made the decision to bulk bill those eligible for the Child Dental Benefits Scheme to ensure dental treatment is provided gap free to those children who can least access it. 
CDBS will provide eligible children who receive certain government benefits – such as Family Tax Benefit Part A – with access of up to $1000 in benefits, capped over a two calendar year period that can be used towards the provision of certain “basic” dental services for children aged between 2 and 17.

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Should I Stay or Should I Go? 5 Signs You Should See a Dentist in Newcastle

The next time you meet a person with great teeth, ask them how they maintain their healthy teeth and gums. No doubt, the response will include preventative care at home and regular trips to the dentist. Brushing, cleaning, flossing and professional check-ups are essential for a lifetime of oral health. But what about those times in between? How do you know when it's a tooth emergency? For what reasons should you call a dentist?

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Dental Emergencies: What They Are and How to Handle Them

In some cases, it's okay to wait until your regularly scheduled dental check-up to mention an oral health concern to your dentist. Some oral health concerns, however, are considered true dental emergencies and need to be treated as such. But how do you know what constitutes an emergency-- and the need for immediate care-- and what can wait? 

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For a Healthier Smile, Consider the Following Tips

Practicing good oral health habits is about much more than having a sparkling smile. In fact, studies show that dental health is closely tied to the body's overall health. Specifically, poor oral health has been linked to serious health conditions like heart disease and diabetes. To ensure you are doing all you can to maximize both your dental health and physical health, consider the following tips:

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Children’s Dentistry: 4 Tips to Make Your Child a Pro-Flosser!

Once your child's teeth are all erupted and are close together, you should start teaching your child to floss everyday! This usually occurs around the age of four. Here are four tips to make them a pro-flosser and get in the habit of flossing every day:

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How Does Your Diet Impact Your Dental Health?

Good oral hygiene is important for healthy teeth and gums. Here are a few simple steps that can decrease the risk of tooth decay and other dental problems.

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Children’s Dentistry: The Dental Dangers of Thumb Sucking

Thumb sucking is a common method of self-soothing for children under the age of three. For most, this habit goes away without incident as language develops and the child can better express feelings and needs. But prolonged thumb sucking that persists into early adolescence can cause significant problems for teeth, gums, and jaws. 

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What You Need to Know About Teeth Whitening

When meeting someone new, what is the first thing you notice? Their smile! A person's bright smile has the intensity to lure you in immediately. After all, a big, bright, confident smile offers an array of happiness and warmth to the visitors around you, as well as yourself.  Here is what you need to know about teeth whitening:

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The Importance of Preventative Dentistry: 6 Daily Preventative Measures to Maintain your Dental Heal

Here at Morrin Dental, we cannot stress the importance of preventative dentistry enough! A continued daily regimen to ensure optimal oral health is an integral part of your dental health plan. That is why we have compiled 7 daily preventative measures you should take in order to maintain your dental health:

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When Should Your Child Start Seeing an Orthodontist?

Crooked teeth are a concern for parents early on and of course parents want their children to have a beautiful smile and a healthy bite. But you may be wondering - what age should a child see an orthodontist?

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How to Treat Cracked Teeth

Unfortunately, discovering you have a cracked tooth may not be as easy as it sounds. Cracked teeth are not always visible, so if you have unusual tooth pain, it is best to get it checked out. Symptoms of cracked teeth includes sharp pain when chewing, sensitivity to hot, cold, and sweet foods, and having a hard time figuring out if the pain is coming from the top or the bottom of the tooth.

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